Personalized Christmas Box

    Personalized Christmas Box


      Let Royal Creations take the stress of Christmas shopping!  

      We have assembled the perfect gift box for all the ladies on your list!  

      The only thing you will need is the recipient's sweatshirt size.

      One item will be personalized too! 

      Nothing in the box is holiday-themed.  It is designed to be given as a Christmas gift. 

      Nothing says a thoughtful gift like a personalized one.

      Each Box will include a note from who sent the box. 

      We keep the contents a secret so you can buy one for yourself and have a surprise under the tree. 

      The box is 20% off the retail price of each item.  It is a great deal, and it is so fun to get surprised mail! 

      I have been asked what age group this box would be appropriate for.  I'm going to say late teens and up.  It is perfect for anyone who wears sweatshirts!  

      The box will ship DECEMBER 5.  (you can also pick up).  If you need them shipped to multiple addresses, please order each box separately. 

      We also ask that when you order the box, you only order the box in that transaction, it just helps us with shipping and keeping track of orders.